Edis Görgülü was born on 28th November 1990 in London. Before he was born, his parents had come to London to work and complete their educations. When Edis was 2,5 years of age, his family decided that it would be more correct to grow him in Turkey and the Görgülü family settled down in their home city İzmir. Edis took piano lessons when he was 4 years of age. He studied the high school at İzmir Tevfik Fikret Private High-School. When he wanted to be a musician, his family told him that he should firstly finish his school. And thereupon, he passed the exam for Galatasaray University Faculty of Communication and settled down in İstanbul. When he was attending Galatasaray University, he also passed the exam for İstanbul University State Conservatory and began attending this school too. After personating the character “Barış” in the TV series “Dinle Sevgili” in 2011-2012 which was televised on FOX TV, he took place with the role for the character “Uygar” in the TV series “Hayatımın Rolü” in 2012 which was televised on STAR TV. And later, he met Ozan Çolakoğlu and Soner Sarıkabadayı and he took a step to his music career. The single “Benim Ol” of which the lyrics and music was written by Edis was released on 1st December 2014. He became one of the names in Turkey who was most searched for in Google between the dates 30th March and 6th April.